Wednesday, August 30, 2006

School... More School? This is too fun.

No way. Done with memorizing charts and stats and lists..

I'm starting to LOVE where I've decided to spend the next 2 years.

The McRae program is an International Business training program ... Involving extensive networking, language and cultural skills---on top of the all the.. you know.. business stuff (marketing, finance, economics, politics, current events).

This week has been INSANE.... The orientation has been incredibly fun, I met my classmates (about 30 kids ranging from 22-34 yrs old) from all over the WORLD: Brazil, France, USA, China, South America and on and on...)

So far it's been shmoozing, as well as tons of team-building games: incredibly fun! From minute one we were goofing around and getting to know each other--I can tell it's going to be an incredibly tight group :) !

Today was a BLAST. The itinerary said "Personality Testing".... Some people may not buy into any of this stuff, but the results were pretty startling. They put us through a mini-test to find what kind of personality we were (Planners, Analysts, Group Work, Risk Takers) and had us talk about how we think and 'offended' we are by the other groups. ;)... Sounds cheesy, but really, the people who were grouped together had INCREDIBLE rapport considering we only met 2 days ago... we all thought the same way, quite eery. Me? An analyst. Sometimes I take forever to make a decision, and I'm a bit of a perfectionist (ugh, that's sometimes a pain in the ass) but I'm very curious and love to find out about new parts of the world, and new things etc.

Anyway, the other part of the day was taken up by Language Testing and Networking Workshops.

I love learning Chinese so much. It's such a simple, fun language to learn, and despite the fact that I hear it like everyday, I hardly ever speak it. It was cool to 'be forced' to speak Chinese today and actually be able to (ahem) converse with the Mandarin Prof. The other guys in the group are pretty amazing.. a few of them had lived in Taiwan for 4 years so... it's really inspirational to see their level. And yes, they all know about ChinesePod.

On top of all this school stuff which is wild and a little unreal... I have a wedding (gulp, not mine... my brother Ian) to 'worry' about in the next couple weeks. So much drama. I am going to stop working so much to do all the stuff i WANT to do (stag party...stag party...stag party).

Oh. And I'm going to take up golf too. Hawt.

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